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cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina We recently received the most delicious Cavapoofrom them. The facilities were beautiful and the staff was welcoming and knowledgeable. They offered us everything we required to care for our dog. I brought her on her first vet appointment…”We recently adopted our Cavapoo, Gilbert who was renamed Winston. We’ve been thinking about purchasing a new puppy for a time, but once we met Winston we fell in love with. The service was fantastic and the owners were very helpful…

“We were incredibly impressed by the quality of service and dedication to the highest standards and the kind of attention our puppy(and our entire family) got from the staff at.”

List Of Ethical Breeders With CavapooPuppiesForSaleInNorthCarolina

By Laura-Johanna Lundve on December 26, 2022

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Are you considering including an Cavapooto to your family? If yes, then congratulations! Cavapoosmake fantastic pets. However, finding CavapoopuppiesforsaleinNC might prove to be more difficult than you first thought.

cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina In this guide, you’ll find an overview of the top responsible Cavapoobreeders inNorthCarolina.All Breeders listed have track record of delivering healthy and well-socialized pups to happy families. You can be confident that you’ll get the best dog possible if you select any of the breeders. So, let’s get started!

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CavapooPuppiesForSaleNorthCarolina:Final Thoughts

How to Choose A CavapooBreeder InNorthCarolina

Cavapoosare an amalgamation of Cavapoos are a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and a Toy (also known as Miniature) Poodle. These adorable dogs make great companions for people who suffer from allergies. or, for those who want an easy-to-clean dog. They’re affectionate, sweet and, in general, amazing pets that are perfect for homes with love.

When you’re looking forCavapoopuppiesforsaleinNC, it’s important that you take the time to find a reputable and ethical breeder. There are plenty of dog breeders in backyards as well as puppy mills there that are only focused on making a quick profit and don’t maintain a proper and safe environment for their pets. This could lead to health issues later in the future. cavapoo puppies for sale in nc 

To avoid having a sickly Cavapoopuppy, make sure you conduct your research prior to selecting the breeder. There are some things to look out for:

Health Testing & Health Guarantees

Responsible Cavapoobreeders in North Carolina are always able to conduct a health check on their dogs prior to breeding them. This will ensure that only healthy breeds are used to breed. cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina This helps to prevent diseases of the genetic chromosome from passing down to puppies.

The most commonly used tests for health forCavapoosinclude eye examinations and patellar luxation tests, and heart examinations. A responsible breeder should be in a position to provide evidence that their dogs are health checked. They should also offer some sort of health guarantee on their Cavapoo puppies for sale in NC.

cavapoo puppies for sale north carolina 

The coverage typically includes congenital problems and other genetic diseases that are major. It’s best to have everything written down so that you are aware of the coverage and what’s not. cavapoo puppies for sale north carolina 

There are many different organisations which are responsible Cavapoobreeders inNorthCarolinacan have membership in. The two most popular organizations are American Kennel Club (AKC), Continental Kennel Club (CKC) as well as The Good Dog’s Responsible Breeding Program. Breeders who are part of these associations must comply with strict guidelines and standards.

Furthermore, certain ethical Cavapoobreeders in NC are accredited through the PuppyCulture program. This is a non-required certification, however it does require breeders to adhere to certain standards for feeding, socialization, as well as health care.

Reviews & Testimonials

Don’t be a slave to an extensive background check on any breeder you’re considering purchasing your next puppy from. The first step is to go through their social media and websites channels to gain a better understanding of how they run and their programs for breeding.

Additionally, search for reviews or testimonials at Google, Facebook, Yelp and on Doodle Doods . When you read reviews, make sure you read both negative and positive ones. Also, take everything with the grain of salt. Certain breeders are never likely to be satisfied regardless of how good the breeder. However, if you hear numerous complaints about the breeder you’re considering It’s best to avoid them.

Check out:

Top 3 ethical CavapooBreeders InNorthCarolina

Clearview Canines

cavapoo puppies for sale in nc Clearview Canines has adorable Mini Cavapoo puppies for sale in NC (NorthCarolina). Inaddition to breeding Cavapoos,they also raise purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and even have an occasional litter of Cockapoos. They’re located in Cleveland, NC, about a 50-minute drive from Charlotte and 45 minutes away from Winston-Salem.

cavapoo puppies for sale in nc 

cavapoo puppies for sale in nc  Clearview Canines is a home-based breeder. This means that they keep all of their dogs and puppies in a nurturing family environment. They are very proud of being an ethical breeder of dogs, as well as breeding for health and temperament.

Of course, to breed the healthiest, happiest little CavapoosinNorthCarolina,they utilize extensive health and DNA testing. In addition, Clearview Canines has also been acknowledged as a responsible breeder by Good Dog as accountable Cavapoo breeder in North Carolina.

What is it that makes this breeder unique?

Clearview Canines Clearview Canines, they implement diverse enrichment strategies to create healthy, well-socialized, and confident puppies for loving families. They adhere to PuppyCulture guidelines, which cover an array of methods of socialization and training. Furthermore, since they rear their puppies in a familial setting, they’re already accustomed to the hectic home life, with all its sounds, sights, and experience.

Year of Operation Year of Operation: N/A

Health and Vaccines: Puppiesgo home with an one-year guarantee on their genetic health and all the age-appropriate vaccinations as well as dewormings.


Types of CavapooPuppiesAvailable: F1 Mini CavapoosinNorthCarolina.

Waitlist: Yes.

CarolinaSprings Breeding

cavapoo puppies in nc 

cavapoo puppies in nc CarolinaSprings Breeding has Toy and Mini Cavapoo puppies for sale in NorthCarolina.They’re located inHolly Springs, just a 25-minute drive from Raleigh, NC, and a 30-minute drive from Durham.

In CarolinaSprings Breeding, they breed their dogs to be healthy, loving and overall wonderful family pets. Their puppies are born and raised in their home, and become part of the breeding family right from the beginning.

cavapoo puppies in nc  Although they’re a fairly new Cavapoobreeder inNorthCarolina,they’ve already established themselves as an ethical breeding program that’s committed to responsible breeding practices. They test their parents’ dogs through Embark for over 200 genetic health problems to ensure that their puppies are born with strong and healthy bloodlines.

As an additional benefit, CarolinaSprings Breeding is also an active participant in the Good Dog ‘s Responsible Breeding Program All of their puppies are registered equipped with CKC registration. They are also constantly educating themselves on the most effective breeder practices for dogs, so you’ll be able to rest assured that your new puppy is from a trusted breeder.

What is it that makes this breeder unique?

CarolinaSprings Breeders puts great emphasis on the development of their puppies’ young while being in their care. They begin early with interaction, and include interaction with adults, children as well as other dogs. They are able to safely expose their puppies to diverse stimuli. They also begin using Early Scent Introduction (ESI) and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) when the puppies are three days old.

Year of Operation: From the year 2019.

Health and Vaccines: The puppies come with an one-year genetic health assurance including the first shots, dewormings and a free 30 day pet insurance from Trupanion as well as microchip.


Types of CavapooPuppiesAvailable: F1b and Multigen Toy and Mini CavapoopuppiesforsaleinNC (NorthCarolina).

Waitlist: Yes.

Social Media: Facebook , Instagram

Home Sweet Home Sweet Puppies

Home Sweet Home Puppieshas adorable F1 Mini CavapoopuppiesforsaleinNC. They’re located in Lincoln which is 45 minutes drive far from Charlotte, NC. This breeder has also been recognized in the magazine Good Dog as a responsible Cavapoobreeder inNorthCarolina.

Home Sweet Home Puppies began its breeding programme with one simple goal in mind – to create the most beautiful pups they can, love their puppies from the time they’re born, and then find they the very best forever homes after they’re ready to go home to their mommy.

The name of the breeder suggests that the breeder raises the puppies right in their own home. All of their dogs are pets of the family first and foremost, making sure that they’re loved and cared for in the way they’re meant to be.

cavapoo puppies nc 

cavapoo puppies nc  What makes this breeder special? Because Home Sweet Home Puppies raises their puppies in a family environment, they’re familiar with all sorts of household sounds and experiences like the TV or vacuum. They also ensure that every puppy is in contact with children, adults and dogs of all ages.

Year of Operation Years of Operation

Health and Vaccines: Puppiesare fully vaccine-vaccinated and dewormed prior to going to their forever home. Contact Home Sweet Home Puppiesdirectly to get more information on their health guarantee.


The location is Lincolnton, NC

What’s the Cost of a Cavapoo InNorthCarolina?

If you’re looking forCavapoopuppiesforsaleinNC, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $3,500 fora puppy.The exact price depends on a variety of factors, such as your location, but also what size and color you’re after. In some cases, breeders charge higher for rare and desired coat colors.

If you’re looking fora CavapooinNorthCarolina,it’s important to do your research before you buy. There are many breeders out there, but not all are to be equal. Some untrustworthy breeders will try to extort their cash. You could be left with a sickly puppy that requires ongoing medical attention.

This is exactly how puppy mills and Doodle scammers entice their unaware customers by offering the lowest prices, a constant availability of puppies, and false promises. It’s important to be aware of what you’re looking for.

CavapooPuppiesForSaleNorthCarolina:Final Thoughts

Now that you know where to find CavapoosforsaleinNorthCarolina,all that’s left is bringing your new best friend home. However, before doing this, ensure you thoroughly research your options prior to signing up to a specific breeder. Breeders who are ethical like those that we have listed will welcome to you to their homes with open arms, and are more than willing to answer any questions you have regarding their puppies.We hope that our guide been helpful in your quest to find the ideal Cavapooforyour family.

Learn how to care for your Doodle Puppy!

Ideal for first-time Doodle parents, get all your questions answered, including those that new Doodle parents aren’t sure to ask.

“Premier Pups can be where you will locate an Cavapoofrom a reliable breeder. This service helps in the adoption and selling for small-breed puppies.The entire process of locating and acquiring a puppy through Premier Pups is straightforward. The entire staff is enthusiastic about dogs and has years of experience in the process of introducing a dog to a person. The team of enthusiastic people work hard to give you the most enjoyable experience when you own a Cavapoopuppy that is healthy and loving.

Premier Pups Premier Pups team is dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience through a top adoption service by the most reputable breeders who are USDA-licensed. The majority of the Cavapoobreeders are state-registered and regularly checked.

Every Cavapoopuppythat goes to its forever home will be screened as well as dewormed and vaccined. Furthermore, they have you and your Cavapoopuppycovered with a 10 year health assurance. There isn’t a single breeder with this health guarantee.

They can also organize the fastest and most secure transportation so that your new Cavapoo puppy arrives in a safe and comfortable manner to the new owner. If you’re looking fora Cavapoo puppy for sale in North Carolina, this is one of the most affordable options on our list.

New update Premier Pups has given our readers a discount of $250 on a Cavapoopuppyif you enter coupon code WLD250 when you check out.

Cavapoo Breeder Details

cavapoo puppies nc 

cavapoo breeders nc  Meet PuppySpot A company that connects healthy and happy dogs with their “fur-ever” family members. They will help you find your next Cavapoopuppywhile making sure it comes from an environment that is healthy.

Although it’s highly unlikely that your puppy will never become sick despite all the tests, PuppySpot backs you up with a 10-year guarantee on health. This is a best-practice in the industry that very few other companies follow. Cavapooson also doesn’t list their name on their website after they’re born, so there won’t be long waiting lists.

PuppySpot is convinced that everything starts in the Cavapoobreeder. Therefore they have very strict rules and regulations for this breed. They will only accept around 10% of all Cavapoobreeders who apply to be part of their community.

The staff at PuppySpot keeps in contact to the community of breeders and makes sure that all requirements are fulfilled.

cavapoo puppies nc Before a Cava puppy is given to its new home the breeder will ensure that the dog has been inspected by a vet who is certified as well as vaccinated, dewormed and vaccinated and has been trained in a basic manner. We received one of our puppies from PuppySpot and we are able to testify the breeding programs they use.

  1. Happytail CavapooPuppiesNorthCarolina

Based in Oakridge, North Carolina,Happy tail Cavapoo Puppiesis run by a group of friends and families who are committed to adopting and breeding healthy puppies. Each family has a licensed home kennel where every Cavapoo puppyis sheltered along with its parents. Their Cavapoo puppies regularly interact with people at Happytail and have a high level of social interaction skills.

cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina

Customer service continues for six months from the date of purchase or more of the Cavapoo pups in North Carolina.They offer a 30 day guarantee on their puppies, along with medical attention from an accredited veterinarian. They also offer Vitadawg vitamin supplements for better health of the pup.

CavapooBreeder Details

Site: Happytail Cavapoo Puppies NorthCarolina

  1. Team Kennels CavapooPuppiesNC Kennels

cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina In a house inPolk County, North Carolina, Team Kennels has been in the puppy breeding industry since 1999. They possess a very puppy-friendlybreeding operation inwhich they raise Cavapoos,Pekingeses, Cavaliers, Poodles, and designer dog breeds.

They Cavapoo puppy in North Carolina are fostered in loving homes with love and tenderness. They are also dewormed, and given shots based on their age before they are sent to their forever homes. Team Kennels also provides their clients with a list of common puppy problems in which they discuss the measures required to ensure that the puppies are happy and healthy when they go into a permanent home.

They have licensed vets to examine their Cavapoopuppiesand give a guarantee of 6 months regarding genetic health concerns. Each Cavapoopuppyforsaleincludes a bonus pack of puppypads, puppyfood, toys, and a mommy blanket to make the puppy’stransition to its new home easy.

CavapooBreeder Details

Website Team Kennels Cavapoo Puppies North Carolina

  1. Parkers Precious Cavapoo puppies North Carolina

Parkers Precious Puppieshas more than 25 years of experience supplying healthy puppies to many families throughout NorthCarolina.They have their headquarters in Hickory North Carolina. They have their puppies raised with care to ensure that they are lovable, social, and a pleasure to be around. They offer their unique Parker’s Precious Puppies health guarantee for all of the Cavapoo puppies. Additionally, prior to bringing the pups to a permanent home, they take proper take care of each puppy and get vaccinations from a vet.

Each one is one of their Cavapoo puppies from North Carolina is physically conditioned outdoors and allowed to interact with other playmates to improve social abilities. With their selection of cute and healthy puppies, they provide families with a wide selection of Cavapoos.

Cavapoo Breeder Details

Site: Parkers Precious Cavapoo Puppies North Carolina

  1. King Lionheart CavapooPuppiesNC

cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina

With a wonderful collection of Cavapoopuppies Boone, North Carolina based shelter also has Cavanese along with Havapoos. They concentrate on the companion Cavapoos who are dependent on the presence of dogs or humans for the entire day.

Additionally, they have own guidelines for family interviews and provide full-time, permanent care for their puppy.King Lionheart Cavapoos do not promote kenneling throughout the day, but instead, they let their puppies to run free.

Each and every one of their Cavapoo puppies in North Carolinais carefully looked after since birth and is hand-delivered to families. Puppiesalso undergo regular health checks and vaccinations every month with a veterinarian. They also have an interbreed between the breed of a Cavapooand the Havanese which is commonly known as the ‘Havacavapoo’. It has characteristics of the cute and adorable Cavapoos.

“My encounter with Charlotte Dog Club was outstanding. I got one of their Cavapoopuppyformy son and we couldn’t be more pleased. The puppy is beautiful, good-mannered and very affectionate. The staff was friendly flexible, accommodating, organized, and… cavapoo puppies for sale in north carolina

“They are so wonderful to collaborate with! From the moment we chose which puppy to adopt to contacting us was incredibly swift. As we moved in to collect our puppy they allowed us to…

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